Boro Book Battle Team

Boro Book Battle Club

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The Boro Book Battle Team is made up of a team of 5th grade students.  We read the year's Volunteer Book Award Nominee Titles for the year and then compete with other schools at the end of the year called the Boro Book Battle. The winning team gets to display the winning trophy at their school.

We start reading in October and meet biweekly to discuss our books and complete online quizzes to review. Team members read roughly 4 to 5 books.

*Fifth graders will write a short essay
*Team Members and parents will sign a participation contract

Battle Preparations

In preparation of the Boro Book Battle Competition use the following links to help you prepare. This will also help prepare you for the books you were unable to read.


Quizizz Reviews:Click on link below. If the practice quiz doesn't start, click the practice button.

The War I Finally Won (Quiz #1)

The War I Finally Won (Quiz #2)

Beauty and the Beak

Here Right Foot

Wishtree (Quiz #1)

Wishtree (Quiz #2)

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground (Quiz #1)

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground (Quiz #2)

Ban This Book

Real Friends

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus (Quiz #1)

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus (Quiz #2)

The Perfect Score

Army Brats (quiz coming soon)

Setting Quiz

Character Quiz 

Author Quiz