We love kids!

  Our primary goal at Siegel Elementary is to have children learning through quality teaching.  We love watching kids learn and grow and feel privileged to be a part of our students’ lives.  Our expectations for teachers is to cultivate positive learning environments, established on authentic relationships, via trust and transparent communication.  Teamwork is an essential part of our school with PLC’s as our catalyst.  We are committed to analyzing performance data and making informed decisions to benefit all of our students. 

  As former classroom teachers from both primary and elementary grades, the ESE administrative team knows first hand the importance of teacher support.  Therefore, we are committed to making informed decisions with teacher input about how to use our resources most effectively to provide that essential support.  All teachers at ESE are expected to be life long learners and reflective decision makers.  We view ourselves as instructional leaders, not building managers, and we are committed to the ideal of “leading by example.”


 Principal - Emily Spencer


Assistant Principal - Crystal Farris