Jenifer Scott


Top 10 Facts about Mrs. Scott

1. This will be my 15th year of teaching.  I have taught 2 years in 3rd grade, 6 years in 4th, and this will be my 7th year in 1st grade.

2.   I have 2 children- one in 8th grade  and one in 10th grade at Central Magnet.

3.   My husband and I will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary in September.  We have known each other since high school.

4.   Some of my favorite random things are books, exercising, being with my friends and family, Sweet CiCi's, and eating wonderful food.

5.   I have my Master’s Degree in Education.

6.   I am an only child.

7.   We love to travel and have been to 4 different continents.  

8.   I LOVE teaching first grade!

  1. 9.  We have a beta fish, a bird named Blush,and a bearded dragon named Lizard.

10.   I lived in Iowa when I was in the first grade.